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December 5, 2019

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DIY Garment Tag Organization

November 4, 2019

One of the things that really helps my days stay stress free is preparing all my clothes and looks for all my bookings. Beyond that even if I'm running to the store I have casual looks put together as well. To keep my upcoming looks in order I made DIY Garment tags at my local OfficeMax. These are super easy to make and spending 30 minutes per week allows me to set aside outfits for 2 weeks or more! Imagine how much time you'd be saving if you picked out your clothes and labeled them? Yes come back to grade school with me lol. Here are the steps I took to create my tags!

1. Design: I used Microsoft Publisher's Business Card template so I could design one front and back card and 9 would print per page.

2. Front: I placed the words Date, Booking and a quote that I loved. You can custom tailor yours to what you like and you may even want to add more info about the event the outfit is for. 

3. Back: I chose a wedding photo because I love seeing our wedding photos but I love classic black and white.

4. Laminate and punch a hole in top corner with a single hole puncher. The rings used I purchased from office max as well! 

5. Dry erase markers make it easy to write and reuse your garment tags! 

Such an easy project for under $5 and it keeps all my upcoming looks completely organized! No waking up to stress full outfit decisions!

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