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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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Planning: Truth Pages

December 3, 2019

Hey loves! Happy Tuesday and thank you for visiting my blog! If you are here for the 1st time I welcome you to make yourself at home, take a look around and get familiar with all the things MB.com has to offer and we are no where near done!
This week I am in my planner updating my "Truth pages" with the latest sermon bullet points from this Sunday's service. Truth pages for me replace the need for having a seperate faith planner in my planning system but as an entrepreneur I also realized I needed "bullet points of strength" to get me through certain days. Those for me, look like the written promises that I should be standing on every day through this journey we call life. I don't know about you but insecurity, doubt, and dissapointment can quickly set in when we don't keep our eyes along with our heart focused and centered. 

Here are a couple of my Truth pages so far! I encourage you to keep something close to you during your day that you can glance at to refuel that strength in your perspective of faith!
For my planner babes that love deco I used the Happy Planner Vintage Botanicals sticker book and filler Paper to create it. The letters were purchased from Walmart! 

These help me so much and I hope that you stay encouraged to build that dream, start that business, pray and seek discernment to take you on the path of your destiny!




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