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Burger Battle with CoVA Mag 2024-What you need to try!

My husband and I look forward to this event every year and this year did not disappoint.  If you follow me on social media (which you should-Instagram is where it's at) you’ll know Coastal Virginia Magazine hosts an annual Battle of the Burgers local to our area.  If you live in Coastal Virginia this is for you! It should also be mentioned that this is the perfect summer event to visit for while you explore the other areas of this beautiful place I call home!

Clearly the focus of the event is to explore area restaurants as they battle it out to serve the best burger but other key inclusions are a vendors market, french fry stand, live band, beer tasting and a local winery with bottle options on site.

Post event I like to run to my blog and tell you about all the new restaurants I experienced and help you have a resource for your next date night or burger craving! This year there were plenty to recommend and we have some receipts! Here you go:

Let's start with the winners of the day!

The Bee & Biscuit-

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery-

Sate: A New American Experience-

Water’s Edge-

CoVa Mag strives to shine a light on the best our beautiful home has to offer! Be sure to follow them on

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