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Hair we go! It’s my 1 Year Natural Hair Anniversary

Can you believe it has been an entire year of wearing my natural hair. It has been a wild ride for some of the best reasons. It is a very true statement that everyone’s natural hair journey is just that…their own. I can stand confidently now and profess I LOVE my hair. While I never had ill feelings for it I didn’t go into this journey with a plan. It is accurate to say I woke up one day feeling like my season of wearing a weave Full time had come to an end.

In my previous Hair we go blogs I was able to laugh through the process because I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

What I’ve learned:

-To embrace my natural frizz. I heard a stylist say “you’ll never know what your hair is capable of until you get over your fear of natural frizzing” That changed everything.

-Getting good with my hair being “simple” to care for: This took me a second. I’m so thankful for my fiance and his patience. I can be honest he has probably had to tell me 100 times to not make my journey harder than it has to be. This along with a million other compliments that I can honestly say have gotten me through the past year feeling my best. Choose a supportive partner, friends. You never know what life turns you will need support for.

-Responding to compliments without feeling I have to reveal what I feel to be a flaw: An example of this would be someone complimenting my curl pattern and instead of internalizing the compliment with gratitude a response could be, “thank you and yes today she is behaving” as if she is a naughty toddler. I find in us girls, yes I include myself in this. It seems much easier for us to lessen a compliment to be relatable to the world than it is to take up space to what the compliment means for us to embody. AHT AHT AHT we can and should do much better.

-I don’t need to wash weekly: I really tried to do this but then overtime just found out it wasn’t needed. This is also something that derives from the above the points that I listed.

-My hair is suitable for all occasions: I had this conversation with a good friend as we were chatting about our hair wash schedules etc. it was the first time I said out loud that I recently healed from the thinking of missing my straight hair as it made me feel “put together or polished”.

How do I feel now? And I mean this as the utmost encouragement for my curl-friends that are reading this.

 I now own that my hair can be whatever I want it to be because I embody that control from inside. Some days she is elegant and some days she is sassy. She is an extension of me that I’m continually getting to know. A beautiful lifetime journey.


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