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How I decided on natural hair for my wedding

We don’t go natural. We return. “Natural” is where it began. -Unknown

Wearing my hair natural on my wedding day was hands down the best decision I made. I am very thankful to my friends and husband because I also was not short on support for my decision.  As I’ve been on my journey I have met incredible women who are just starting their natural hair journey and those that have worn their hair for years.  One of the things that connects these women together along with myself is the forever thought of how we will “wear” our hair for various moments in our life. I still have the text in my phone a few days before my wedding telling my stylist to be on standby because I hadn’t decided.  

If you are on the fence about wearing your hair natural for an upcoming moment that is considered “Big” let me share a bit of perspective with you that helped me decide.

*Being weatherproof-While this is light hearted and a laughable note the reality is I live in a part of the country that has varying weather all year long. Infact, my wedding day was gray and misty all the way up to guests arriving, then the sun came out to bless us and it suddenly became 10 degrees warmer. Planning for such uncertainties made my hair the easiest decision honestly.

*Finally being able to show up as the girl God created me to be -At the time of my wedding I had been wearing my hair natural for a little over a year. I remember this vividly because it lines up with the timing I had started dating my now husband.  He was my biggest encouragement to fully step into who I am now.  I prayed for that trait in my partner specifically.  

*Having the documentation of pictures to share with family, friends and our future child(ren) means the world- Since I am writing this after my wedding I can tell you I'm most proud that I have all these documented memories as my most authentic self. In fact, make a plan and God laughs because our wedding has been featured in multiple publications, we had the honor to model for a client prior to our wedding and since I’ve been natural we have many documented moments.  I smile everytime I see a photo because I remember the feeling of overthinking a decision that truly seems like a no brainer now.

I say this lovingly, no one knows what is best for you but you. Listen to your gut. Your soul knows exactly what it desires and if you sit with yourself, block out the noise of what others think you will hear the answer loud and clear.


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