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June: Fresh Season Energy

Hey beautiful friends! Welcome to summer. Even more so welcome to Summer on the blog. It’s something about a season change that can both awaken and bring confidence into our energy. Warm mornings and extended days bring forth endless opportunities. That’s my wish for everyone who visits the blog and becomes a regular on the upcoming journey we are on. 

June is Black music month, Swim week month, kick off to festival season and so much more! While everything may be calling you out I encourage you to also take the time to look within for all the things that are needed to fill your cup. I have personally planned to take every opportunity this summer to create, feel, and look inward. I look forward to bringing those feeling aligned to join.

In the spirit of it being mid year I have many resources planned to help you be the best you. One of those is my FREE Love List planning worksheet that can be downloading on our homepage.

No matter what time of the month you read this. Thank you for being here and cheers to so much more!

Xo MB 💋

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