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My permanent make up tell all

Hey loves! I recently had the opportunity to be a model for the Makeup School by Sarah Rillon here in my beloved home Virginia Beach. After a few days of healing I of course wanted to share all the details with you in case you might be considering a permanent make up procedure for yourself. And of course, there is no gate keeping here! So let's go!

I'll start off by raving that I love my new brows! They are micro-bladed with shading in certain areas. I honestly can't tell and they look so natural. I'm really happy with the finished product.


My experience with both the Makeup School by Sarah Rillon as well as the physical procedure were both great. This is my first experience with any permanent make up or tattoo of any type. So while I had nothing to base it off of I'm really happy to report the over all experience was chefs kiss.

Customer service-I was well communicated with before my procedure and during. I knew what was happening at every moment.

Comfort-The Makeup school by Sarah Rillon is beautiful but also very comfortable. There are many points that can make or break your comfort during a procedure like this. The initial mapping of your brow area as well as the area you'll be receiving the main part of the procedure. The MSSR was top notch in both areas. Sarah conducted my procedure from start to finish and always made sure I was comfortable.


Day 1 was minimal soreness.

My 1st night was probably more anxiety driven than it needed to be. I didn't sleep much for the fear of rolling on to my brows. Completely unnecessary on my part.

Day 2-6 My brows were darker and starting the healing process. I had no sign of swelling around my brows. I did wear make up but stayed clear of my brow area. I also avoided direct sunlight. These two are major guidelines the school send you for correct care post procedure.

Day 7-14 I starting my workouts again and kept showers short to avoid too much steam. My brows flaked lightly for two days but the ointment helped so much. No pain and I haven't had to touch them!


Whats in my bag:

During my healing I kept the following on me at all times!

-Visor to avoid sunlight in my brow area

-Post procedure cream given to me

-Water bottle to stay hydrated

-Blotting pads and face wipes


-Fan (if you know me you know this is always in my bag but really helped during the 80 degree days)

How to prepare:

Beyond the guidance you'll receive these are things I feel can be help.

*Plan your schedule accordingly around 10-14 days of healing.

- I altered my workouts to walks and yoga to limit sweating.

-Even planning your grocery list and outdoor activities accordingly can help.

*Wash your hair. Seems simple but I reflected post procedure that I was so happy to have a fresh wash and go. I would not have wanted to navigate a wash and go during my healing process.

*Comfy clothes to go over your head or zip up. The last thing you want to do is force a turtle neck over your head LOL.

Every girl has a wish list right?


Until now I've never thought to have any PMU but if I did I'd probably be open to eyeliner along with my current brow up keep.

I have a follow up appointment in a few weeks. I will absolutely update you! Be sure to follow my IG page. You know the party is always in my stories.

If you are looking to get PMU I highly recommend Sarah and her team. You can contact them here!

The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon


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