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Tik Tok’s 5,4,3,21 Meal Method

It’s nothing new to be influenced by Tik Tok in 2024. In fact many have spent the last full year buying things, creating recipes, and dancing for the entertainment of the gram(and tik tok).  While much of it is fun there is a large portion of educational information placed on the platform as well. The viral 5,4,3,2,1 Meal shopping method being one of them. Its creation is credited to Dietician Kylie Mitchell.

While the formula seems to have been tweaked many times, the method is to have an easy way to food shop for the week even when you don’t have a plan.

It instructs you to get:

5 vegetable items or some have this as 5 snacks

4 fruit options

3 proteins

2 sauces/spreads or some have this as 2 drinks

1 item for fun

Sounds like a solid plan when you don't have a solid plan. Kylie breaks down the formula on her website 

and gives examples of how she made her combination meals for the week.

While this is a quick way to feel successful shopping in an unplanned situation I see this working best for those who have staple items in their pantry that can be used in combination. Ie. Rice, beans, condiments etc. this may not be ideal for those starting from a bare refrigerator/pantry.

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