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Fashion at your fingertips: 4 Subscription services to check out in 2024

Its 2024 and we have things to do! Where are we going? Who are we wearing? We rounded up 4 diverse ways you can jump on the Runway Rental trend that can no longer be called a trend.

1. Go Designer

Nicole Miller Reserved

Over 40 years in the industry our fave red head never ceases to amaze us. Nicole Miller continuously flexes her staying power with new and beautiful designs each season. That would be enough but now you can add her to your rental option list as well.

How it works:

After creating a virtual wardrobe you can browse new weekly arrivals and choose 3 styles to wear as long as you want. Love one of all of the pieces you ordered? There is a members only discount to purchase. If not, return the items and enjoy unlimited rental exchanges. Membership cost is $110/mo

2. Go sustainable


Tulerie takes its clothing service beyond rentals to borrowing. The peer-to-peer rental app allows members to open their closets to the world via downloading the app, making a rental request and waiting for approval (which we hear is really quick). The twist you can be both a borrower and a renter by signing up to rent out.

How it works: Renters are vetted via facetime and unlike the bulk of the fashion rental industry each item is priced individually as well as the timeframe to rent the item.

The world is your oyster with this service and all available at your fingertips!

3. The one you know

Rent the Runway

RTR has been around for sometime and their program set up has grown with them. Whether you have tried them or not the odds of you having heard of them are very good. The availability is vast. You’ll find all the names you know and new ones to peak your interest to include Tibi, Zimmerman, Bronx and Banco!

How it works: The 3 plans laid out on their website allow for the same 3 step process but at different price points: Choose the 4 items you’d like to rent, decide when you want to return, then swap & repeat the process. Monthly plans start as low as $69/mo

4. Honoring our curves

Fashion to Figure closet

With the option to both rent and purchase if you truly love it, Fashion to Figure closet serves sizes 12-24 and XL-3XL. There is even an option to acquire accessories.

How it works: 2 options offer renting 3 clothing items or 3 clothing items and 2 accessories per month. Purchases are offered up to 50% of retail value. Monthly plans start at $55/mo.


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