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HFR & Co adds Nordstrom to their growing partner list for Black and Latin-X label accessibility!

photo credit HFR

If you aren’t familiar with Harlem Fashion Row it is the heartwork of Ceo Brandice Daniel since 2007. As an agency it exists to connect brands and Designers of Color in fashion through collaborations, events, strategy and more. Since its creation it has grown to include many events and projects alike within the fashion industry. Many heavy hitters have taken notice and we couldn’t be happier for Brandice as she has been steadfast in bringing awareness for Designers of color.

Fast forward, HFR & Co is a new online shopping directory partnership between HFR and a few retailer’s you may be very familiar with. Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Shopbop ring a bell? The directory points you in the direction of emerging brands owned by Black and Latin-X designers. It's a simple yet powerful concept. Consumers start out on the HFR & Co website to shop and find the products from designers they love. They will then be linked to the partnering retailers site to finish the sale.

photo credit Imaxtree

The newest retail partner to sign on is none other than Nordstrom. This partnership brings both Wales Bonner Designs and wait for it….Designer Laquan Smith into your shopping mix!

Laquan Smith is a New York based luxury fashion designer and founder of womenswear clothing brand LaQuan Smith, LLC. You’ve seen his designs on your favorite artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more. The addition of Nordstrom’s partnership and high end platform continues to show us HFR & Co’s mission is continuing to produce positive opportunities for designers of color!

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