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Learning new things about HRT Transit to help you in time for summer!

We had a great time starting our morning with Hampton Roads Transit for their 40th season kick off.  Full transparency this is our first time riding but this year we have an intentional plan to explore our city.  HRT does so much for transit in our city and many things are in the works to make it even more accessible.

3 things we learned that will probably help you too as a visitor or 1st time rider:

Navigate VB oceanfront easily: Routes 30, 31, and 35 takes us all over the resort area and there is a mobile app here is the link

HRT provides travel training: HRT will schedule a time to meet and teach you everything you need to know to feel more comfortable and confident when using their service.  The training program is FREE and can be found here

Students have a FREE & unlimited access option: HRT has a program called The Student Freedom Pass. This provides children ages 13-17 unlimited free rides on HRT’s bus,

ferry and light rail.  More info can be found here 

This continues to confirm why it's so important to be a tourist in our own city. There is always something to learn. It also confirms why we are always so proud of home!

Happy Travels this summer and beyond!



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