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SOLD OUT-Love List Party details!

Updated: Feb 13

Join me and an intimate group of ladies to kick off 2024 embracing the truth of our hearts.

This workshop is for women that want:

-to learn how to write a love list

-to update their love list 

-learn to evolve with and update their love list

-transition goal writing into heart focused intentions

-to spend company with like minded women

-kick off the new year differently

-accountability and relationship with like minded women

We provide:

- yoga mat and all writing tools

- tea bar

-light snack and dessert bar

-access to our 2024 Love List Party group for post workshop accountability

Things to note:

-all activities will be performed from our yoga mate space. While we provide a yoga mat for you students are welcome to bring their yoga mat and any items that will make their space comfortable.

-Students are also welcome to bring their planners, journals, favorite writing tools to use in addition to what will be provided by us.

This event is in partnership with DateCourtCommit, an initiative that serves as a resource that helps our community to build progressive relationships at every stage.


Q: What is a love list? Why do I need it?

A: That is a great question! I wrote a blog on it to explain click here

Q: Is this event for single or married women?

A: This event is for ALL women as a love list can benefit you both while you are seeking a relationship or in one.

Q: Is this specifically focused on relationships? What if I desire to focus on my career?

A: A love list can focus on anything your heart desires. This workshop is to help you “how to” do it.

This event is SOLD OUT

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