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Miami Swim Week features forever young and sustainable

Eco-Friendly designs 

The city of endless heat channeled it all through the runway for this season's Miami Swim Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion highlighting designers with sustainability practices.  There is so much work to be done in our fight to preserve the planet and Love for Upcycling is doing their part. 

Under the direction of Jose Alexander, a fashion designer and photographer, Love for Upcycling is a community dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through the art and creativity of recycling.

Rest assured cutesy designs are never on the menu.  Love for Upcycling served us vintage flared swimsuits, cover ups, shorts, robes, and everything in between for both men and women. In all colors of course! The diversity of reincarnated pieces would help anyones passionate argument of supporting circular economy efforts more attractive.

Last year, In an inclusive sustainable effort Jose Alexander started the Upcycle Worldwide Design Competition.  The competition hosted design students creating swimwear and resort wear from 95% recycled products.   


This year the brand invited Gloria Mantell Pallot, a 96 year old beauty to grace the runway in a blue upcycled one-piece from one of her very own garments.  Her escorts were both made custom pieces from the same garment as well.  Born in the 1940’s and a grandmother to four, Pallot is a resident of Coral Gables Florida.  She attended college at University of Miami and hails as a proud Hurricane queen. Beauty queens were a staple featured for games many years ago. While you would never know it, that was the extent of Gloria’s runway experience. Onlookers would agree that her smile brightened the runway and we are sure her phone may start ringing with offers!

photo credit: Getty photos

Learn more about Swim week and Art Hearts Fashion here

Visit Love For Upcycling here


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