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Travel Diary: Come with us to work in Cape Charles

We had the pleasure of traveling to Cape Charles Virginia to work with a client launching their Micro Wedding Services. Charles and I are currently in the thick of planning our wedding(stay tuned for those blogs) so the opportunity to dress up and spend the day with my Fiance is always going to be my number 1 choice.

A charming community called Cape Charles Tiny Living is privately owned by an incredibly kind couple. Featuring 8 Tiny homes, a Green house, Fire pit and tons of land to dream concept dream with.

The Creative Dream Team included Kristin Lorraine Photography and her husband Michael facilitating drone footage. Kristin also has a blog that features her work. Click here to visit. My beautiful gowns, shoes and accessories were provided by Ewedded.

Charles and I stayed in The Barn. A two story tiny home with great amenities (and the most space) especially for those booking this venue for a micro wedding. The location is 5 minutes away from Cape Charles' beautiful beaches and restaurants. You will feel at home.

We had dinner at the marina at a restaurant called Shanty. A locals favorite and we can see why. I had the Fish and Chip dinner. The cajun slaw is amazing.

Top moment: running into a fellow bride and her tribe having a level 10 Granny Party before her Big day. There is something very special about Cape Charles. I can’t believe it has taken us this long to visit but we will definitely be back.

To reach Cape Charles Tiny Living click here and let them know we sent you.


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