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Women’s Sizing Innovation is Making Women’s History

Fitting into the right swimsuit is a common issue for many women. Looking at a sizing chart, women may not know what size to get, due to the fact their measurements lay within multiple different sizes on the sizing chart.

HeartGlass went to the root issue itself- the size- to come up with an innovative solution to women’s sizing by basing it off female body shapes such as an apple, banana, hourglass or pear shape.

By combining women’s cup size and bottom size in one, the HeartGlass size provides one piece swimwear for different top and bottom sizes all in one.

“Every woman has a different body shape. We all come in all shapes and sizes,” Founder of HeartGlass Demi George said.

So whether smaller or larger on the top, or the bottom, HeartGlass has one piece garments and predetermined sets that blend sizing all in one swimsuit so it fits right all over, without having to compromise.

“Women either have to go too small, be over exposed, or go larger, but then the garment is too wide and ends up falling down or exposing in the water,” said George. “That is why I founded HeartGlass and pushed to break the barriers in the fashion industry to make this product and introduce more opportunities for models of all shapes.”

Although started as swimwear, their versatility allows them to be worn on all occasions. Wear them with yoga pants, and they blend in seamlessly. Wear it as shapewear underneath sheer dresses and attire. They are also worn as activewear with their built in sport bra support. Finish it up by enjoying a spa session with the comfortable compression emulating a perfect hourglass figure.

“When women feel that comfortable compression that was luxuriously crafted for comfort and fits like yoga pants, they regain the confidence to want to get back out and get into their active lifestyle again,” George said.

The swimwear is also chlorine resistant, has a power mesh for added smoothing, and is UPF 50+ and blocks out 98-99% of UVA and UVB rays according to

The products are made in California. The HeartGlass Bodysuit in Noir is available online at, Flirt Boutique in Edina, Minnesota and Orchard Mile. The HeartGlass Bodysuit in Coco is coming soon, but is available now for pre-order.

The HeartGlass Bodysuit in Ivory and the two piece collection is available to pre-order, which guarantees you a swimsuit when they become available.

Finding your HeartGlass size is easy. Just visit to find out your HeartGlass size today by taking the fit quiz or read the sizing chart.

Photography Credit: Photographer- Tatiana Vivid

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