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What is a Love List and why you need it!

I had never heard of a love list until 2019. I just remember that I deeply believed in manifestation and having positive energy to align with the results that I wanted. During this time I was healing from a long relationship that ended. To say I needed to heal is an understatement. To heal and find clarity I thought a love list would be perfect. After doing some research on it I found the process to be fun and I even included a few girlfriends in my planning sessions to gain feedback. Now after finding love that matched my love list I continue to update it and have started preparing one for the upcoming year for both my business and friendships.

What should your love list include:

Love-The type of love you want to draw in and align with. Is your ideal partner funny, thoughtful, generous? Are they active?

Business-What type of client do you wish to serve? How will they use your business/product?

Friendships-What commonalities do you wish your friends to have? What characteristics would you want a good friend of yours to have?

*No matter what you are seeking to align yourself with in these three categories you should have a love list. A love list keeps you very clear on the things you want and what is important to you. It is also a great reference in both good and challenging times. You can reference the lists when you need to reconnect or re-assess if whom you're connected with still matches it.

Tips to making and maintaining a great love list:

  1. Just like you, your list is always becoming and growing. Don’t think the original list that you write will stay that way forever. Tweak it as often as you feel led to.

  2. Once you write your list, spend time making sure that you are the reciprocal of each trait that you are looking for. Ex. You want your spouse to be funny then make sure you have a sense of humor. Want your customer to be prompt in their payments and supportive of your company? Make sure your processes support that behavior.

Download my FREE Love List worksheet below!

Love List Party Worksheet (1)
Download PDF • 147KB

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